The CAP Crush Gift Guide

We love a good crush here at CAP and particularly love to see what they’re crushing on. So we enlisted all our favorite CAP crushes and asked them what they’re hoping to give and get this holiday season. Consider it the ultimate crushworthy gift guide.


The one product that changed my skin forever— I love to gift friends our serum as a daily reminder to care for oneself, inside and out.

I adore books and they are a favorite gift to both give and receive. This book has become such an inspiration for life, it's a wonderful one to pass on to loved ones.

The newly expanded MoMA is incredible, and a membership allows one to go back and experience it again and again.

A perfect stocking filler and beautiful, simple object for any home— one couldn't go wrong with this for anyone.



Drink it, bake with it, admire its incomparable bright green color. Just give it, gift it, and grab a few for yourself. The best matcha available, imho.

Mega Border Hoop with Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings, for a true queen (or king). Mega-sweet, super-talented, on-the-rise jeweler who doubles as a Vitruvi employee.

This is the perfect fragrance for someone who wants a perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Its bright, ebullient blood orange and neroli is grounded by warm, verdant green notes like vetiver, oakmoss and cedar. Amber serves as both a heady fixative and a nod to the alchemical process whose name inspired this perfume.

My favorite is a 1:1 mixture of Monastery’s hydrating aloe and moisturizing gold serum to create a bespoke blend that nourishes, hydrates and heals my skin.



I love this oil for cold months. It absorbs quickly and keeps the skin hydrated and smooth. Best of all, it works for virtually all skin types! 

Don’t live in a cold climate? Dab a bit of this on the cheeks to get a sweet snow-kissed glow this winter.

These Permanent Collection earrings were designed by legendary Northern Californian artist JB Blunk in 1975. Reproduced in 14k gold and sterling silver, these beautiful, delicate double hoops are a perfect festive accent for the holidays.

This heavenly cardamom lip balm makes for a delicious, chai-scented smooch under the mistletoe!



I take a teaspoon of this in the morning with my warm water. The minerals in the salt assist me in staying more hydrated throughout the day.

Come out feeling like you are walking on clouds, a very rare experience!

Unisex scent I created with Orris Perfumery. Made with coffee blossom, Egyptian jasmine, smoked tobacco, and Somali frankincense. It seriously gets better every spray!

The cathedral soap has a sort of psychedelic other-worldly bath experience. 



This is a limited edition that we decided to share with our friends at CAP. Not sure if we’re going to make more batches so if you’re interested in them, get them now before they’re gone! Similar to the yellow mustard seeds, but a little less spicy.

I have been drinking Genmaicha in the morning for years and this is for sure one of the best tasting blends I’ve ever had. A beautiful way to start the day.

These are remastered from the original tapes. In America, all the Beatles albums were released in “fake” stereo. In England, the albums that were mixed by the Beatles and Sir George Martin were originally released in mono. So if you want to hear the Beatles the way the Beatles wanted you to hear the Beatles, this is for you.

I use it in the kitchen every day as a finishing oil on salads and vegetables. Super delicious and grassy tasting with a tiny hint of heat.



This formula is magic, if I do say so myself. It makes you feel beautiful yes, but look great too. Eyeryone's stocking stuffer this winter. 

On the skin or in your tea, this multi-purpose wonder from New Zealand is gift giving at its best. Nectar of the Gods. 

I am a fan of Wooden Spoon Herbs and CAP, so I'm not surprised that their collaboration is nothing short of high vibe beauty magic! 

This bag is for someone special. It will last a lifetime and age beautifully (like us!)



Best gift ever for your people on the go. I love keeping these around for an extra brain boost and it's a great replacement for your afternoon coffee.

For your skin product loving buds, this Tata mask not only feels good on but leaves your skin feeling super soft and refreshed after. Great addition to anyone’s skincare routine.

Fail proof beauty treats to gift. I love these multipurpose tints for lips, lids and cheeks. Makes for a great winter chapstick, too. 

Satiate your sweet tooth with this sweet and nutty herbal coffee-esque formula while getting your dose of medicinal mushrooms at the same time. A better than dessert drink that's good for both digestion and immunity.

Obsessed with Seth Bogart's works of art. Don't miss the holiday ornaments, lipstick, bananas and tongue incense holder.



The perfect holiday shade, subtle with a touch of sparkle.

Smokeless incense!? Not sure how they do it but they have, and I for one, love it. Sourced from Japan with sophisticated and beautiful scents, it's a favorite.

Winter time is bath season, and this one is special. Infused with flower remedies to promote love and magnetism, this is on the agenda all season long. 

This healing and detoxifying masque made by my friend Neada is an excellent antidote to all the holiday parties and excess of the season.



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