"It was love at first spritz, if you believe in such a thing. That was the feeling (admittedly rare, strangely transfixing) when CAP Beauty’s new mist, Serotoner, arrived just as the leaves were unfurling in Brooklyn. I used it once, and my hand hasn’t stopped reaching for it since."

"A facial spray that encourages serotonin production? Yes, please! This Serotoner by CAP BEAUTY is formulated with desert botanicals including griffonia, which encourages seratonin production for vibrant skin. Not only is the formulation soothing, it also smells amazing, for instant aromatherapy points. Think of this as relaxation in a bottle for both your skin and your mind."

"Your clean beauty regimen might be missing a plant-based toner, but cult favorite Cap Beauty, co-founded by natural skincare guru Kerrilynn Pamer, has you covered—in a fine mist (get it? because toner?). Their new release Serotoner, is formulated with dese t-resilient succulents and Griffonia simplicifolia, an African plant that contains a precursor to serotonin that calms skin. Bonus: It doubles as an after-sun spritz."

“This will be my go-to spritz of the summer. I love to use it after a workout, when I’m stuck in air-conditioning, and in-between clients because it uplifts both my skin and my mood.”