CAP was born from a need. After receiving my celiac diagnosis a decade ago I set out to learn everything I could in order to reclaim my life. I changed my diet, my practices and my routines all while changing the products I used on my skin. And the effect was profound. Choosing products formulated with the highest quality botanicals changed not only my outermost layer, but how I interacted with it. I began to feed and nourish my skin, instead of being in conflict with it. Until then, plants were considered the inferior option; what you would turn to if you weren’t concerned with results and efficacy. But I found this to be entirely untrue. I discovered that it was actually the inclusion of plants to be what finally changed my health. There was no denying that these products worked, and I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was longing for this paradigm shift. So we opened the doors to our West Village flagship on Valentine’s Day 2015. 


Over the last decade CAP has evolved, morphed and transformed. There have been many incarnations, but the vision has always been clear. Create, and share beauty. My commitment to this is stronger than ever. And it’s been my constant during the process of creating our own CAP skincare line. These are the products that I personally longed for, and wanted myself. These products come with the highest standards you’ll find, but they are so much more than just the exclusion of “bad” ingredients. They focus on what’s included as well. Formulated from a place of addition, not only subtraction, they address the whole of you, not just the parts. Marrying my passion for education, plants and formulation has fed me, lit me up and made me fall in love with plants all over again. The CAP line invites the whole of you to your new routine. Mind, body and spirit.


I believe in the power of plants, and know their ability to effect change in the skin and beyond. I also believe in the importance of shelf-stable products, and safe preservation systems for the consumer. When we opened our doors almost a decade ago, we created the CAP standard for consideration, which was to only offer products that left synthetics out of the ingredient deck. Since that time I’ve seen founders reformulate products creating versions with superior alternatives to synthetic ingredients, while remaining effective and safe. The category of “natural and clean” beauty is a complex one, one that has very few regulations creating understandable confusion, and differing opinions on approaches to product safety. I know that the products at CAP are the safest out there. The ones that don't just leave out toxins, but also include supportive, nutritive and powerful ingredients that benefit both you, and your skin. 
I am who I am today because of CAP. I have learned that plants are powerful and elegant allies. I have listened to their wisdom and acted on it, and I am a different person because of their knowledge. CAP has changed me in immeasurable ways. I hope it changes you too.