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Sisters - Nourishing Conditioner - CAP Beauty
Nourishing Conditioner
A nourishing conditioner that carries wafts of Sandalwood, Bergamot and Geranium.
Regular price $42
La Tierra Sagrada - La Tierra Conditioner - CAP Beauty
La Tierra Conditioner
La Tierra Sagrada
Leaves hair hair soft, shiny and luxurious.
Regular price $42
Living Libations - Shine On Hair Conditioner - CAP Beauty
Shine On Hair Conditioner
Living Libations
Jojoba oil-based hair treatment.
Regular price $32
Living Libations - True Blue Spirulina Conditioner - CAP Beauty
True Blue Spirulina Conditioner
Living Libations
Detangle and hydrate hair with aloe vera, coconut oil and chamomile.
Regular price $35
The Grounding Conditioner
Sustainable and luxurious haircare.
Bathing Culture - Good Seed Conditioner - CAP Beauty
Good Seed Conditioner
Bathing Culture
Silky smooth locks with seeds, stems, and flowers.
Regular price $30